Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Have a Loud or Broken Disposal?

We can replace it with a quieter model. Have a mess in your sink due to a broken garbage disposal? We can fix it. Although most garbage disposal manuals claim that you can put anything in the disposal, we tend to disagree. We like to tell our customers that you certainly can do that, but you will be seeing us more often. We highly recommend not putting everything in the disposal and suggest putting large pieces of food in the trash.

There is nothing worse than a loud, noisy garbage disposal that sounds like a plane taking off when you turn it on. OK, so maybe a broken garbage disposal that has left you with a sink full of stinky, dirty water might be worse. If you find yourself in either of these situations, our plumbers at Great Quality Plumbing can help you. Our licensed plumbers are experts when it comes to garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal installation.

Call 651-335-4101 to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber to repair your broken garbage disposal.

In the case that we determine the disposal is beyond repair, is of a low quality, or has reached its life expectancy (usually 5 years), we will recommend replacement and discuss next steps.