Pipe Replacement

Are You in Need of Professional Plumbing Services for Pipe Replacement in Your Home or Office?

Great Quality Plumbing is your local area plumbing expert when it comes to professional pipe repair, pipe replacement, or pipe installation.

Unfortunately, unless there is an obvious problem, such as a burst pipe or leaking pipe, it can be difficult to determine if pipe replacement is necessary. To better guide you on whether pipe replacement is necessary, below are a few things to consider when it comes to the condition of the pipes in your home.

Do you live in an older home? Older homes and buildings are the perfect candidates for pipe replacement, as pipes rust, corrode, and clog with time. If you are experiencing pipe issues that need professional attention, it is recommended to avoid quick fixes and simple repairs, as they have the potential to lead to larger issues. Replacing existing water pipes and drain pipes with newer, better quality products will help prevent future issues and possible water damage to your home.

Do you live in an area impacted by hard water? Hard water can be a real threat to the life of your pipes. Hard water is, well, hard on your pipes, creating calcium buildup and corrosion.

Was your home built with average to poor quality plumbing products? If so, replace your pipes with quality hardware, which usually doesn’t cost that much more than the lower quality versions. Replacing cheap plumbing with better quality plumbing products will give you peace of mind in the long run.

If you are unsure of the quality of the pipes in your home, call 651-335-4101 to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment.